Bianca Concepcion

Fossil Farms
Bianca Concepcion
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7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 4
12:00 PM - 12:50 PM Saturday, May 4
Bianca Concepcion

Table 32 – Fossil Farm – The Grand Tasting – Emerald Ballroom {View Map}

Dish – New Zealand Elk & Foie Gras Nigiri

Born in the Bronx, Chef Bianca Concepcion is a pioneering Latina chef with a rich culinary background. With over a decade of experience in the field, she has served as the executive chef at Fossil Farms for three years. Bianca’s culinary prowess lies in her ability to artfully extract the distinct flavors of each ingredient, resulting in dishes characterized by subtle taste variations. At Fossil Farms, she leads the culinary team, seamlessly blending various cooking techniques, cuisines, and seasonal ingredients to produce exceptional and diverse cuisine. Having pursued her culinary education at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI, Bianca honed her skills during a two-year stint at Ellie’s Bakery and its sister restaurant, Gracie’s. It was here that she was first exposed to the challenges of the culinary world. Returning to New York City, she furthered her career at The Wallflower in Greenwich Village, NYC, and served as a sous chef at The Studio restaurant in the Freehand Hotel, as well as the Chef the Cuisine of American Bar. With her collaborative team, Bianca oversees the creation of innovative, unique, and fresh dishes crafted from farm-raised and locally sourced products. Her culinary repertoire includes exotic offerings such as alligator, kangaroo, and wild boar.