David Viana

Heirloom Kitchen & Bravo's Top Chef
David Viana
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8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Friday, May 3
David Viana

David Viana was born and raised in Little Lisboa: Newark, New Jersey’s Portuguese
immigrant neighborhood. Growing up, he spent afternoons with his grandmother, Isaura,
who introduced him to many of the dishes that grace Lita’s menu today.

He turned his early love of food into a storied career, rising through the ranks at Mesa
Grill, Eleven Madison Park, Marea, and Villa Joya in Portugal. He joined the team at
Heirloom Kitchen in 2026, where he received three-and-a-half stars from The Star-Ledger
within weeks. In 2018 he was nominated as Best Chef Mid Atlantic by The James Beard
Foundation, shortly by competing on Top Chef’s 16th season.

In addition to leading the culinary helm at Lita, he is the Executive Chef at Heirloom
Kitchen and Heirloom Kitchen at The St Laurent. When he’s not working he is spending
time with his son, Cole, teaching him to make fejauda and taking him to Chuck E Cheese.