David Viana

Heirloom Kitchen
Participating Events
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 5

After cooking with world-class chefs, including Bobby Flay, Anthony Bucco, and Michael White, and sharpening his skills in world-class kitchens such as Eleven Madison Park, and Two Star Michelin
restaurant Villa Joya in Portugal, Chef Viana received distinguished recognition as the Executive Chef at The Kitchen at Grove Station, receiving three stars from the New York Times who described his dishes as “magical” and “hypnotizing.” At Heirloom Kitchen, Chef Viana continues to impress, receiving three-and-a-half stars from The Star-Ledger within weeks of joining the team. In December 2017, Chef Viana was invited to The James Beard House where he cooked a solo dinner entitled “Heirloom Holiday.” Chef David is confirmed to be the Chef for Outstanding in the Field at Riverine Ranch in September 2018.