Grace Crossman & Laura Brahn

Cardinal Provisions
Participating Events
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, April 13

Chefs Grace Crossman (right) and Laura Brahn (left) met as executive and sous (respectively) of Porta Pizzeria in Asbury Park, after working and living eerily close to one another for years, but having never crossed paths. Once they finally met, they found in one another a culinary soulmate— and honed that relationship for years both at Porta and at the numerous other restaurants opened under the same parent company. From Neopolitan pizzerias, to high-end vegan, to classic French, the chefs always approached food in the same way- with great care for ingredients, attention to detail, and passion for local, sustainable foods.

Grace and Laura opened their casual restaurant, Cardinal Provisions (or Cardinal for short), in 2016 quickly receiving nods from media like Bon Appetite and Food and Wine for their scratch-made brunch. On site, they offer seasonally inspired bites for all eaters, and an ever-changing specials board that keeps the people of Asbury Park on their toes. They roll croissants by hand each day, and have an eclectic pastry case that has gained a reputation in line with that of the restaurant.

Cardinal also offers pop up dinners each month and catering in every which way: from intimate dinner parties to elaborate fire-lit farm weddings. Whatever the setting, Cardinal is the commitment to and passion for craft and hard work. It’s a blissful space for the exploration of simple culinary musings.