Joseph Gramaglia

Saly G's Restaurant
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7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 4

Joseph Gramaglia is the Executive Chef and Owner of Saly G’s Restaurant and Tavern in Warren, New Jersey. Saly G’s Restaurant and Tavern is an elegant eatery known for its traditional Neapolitan-style cuisine with a fresh and modern twist.

Chef Gramaglia, a completely self-taught chef with no formal culinary training grew up cooking alongside his Italian mother and father. He poured over cookbooks and cooking television shows with his food-focused family. His family is also known for their New Jersey Italian Eateries, A&G Italian Fine Foods and Verdis Ristorante. Verdis Ristorante was awarded three stars by The Star Ledger and was later renamed Zio Ristorante in 2003.

Chef Gramaglia’s deeply rooted passion for food has come from growing up in the restaurant industry his entire childhood. He often found himself wondering into the kitchen aspersing to be a part of the kitchen staff.

From day one, passion and tradition have driven Chef Gramaglia to transform Saly G’s Restaurant and Tavern from an American Bar and Grill to an upscale family run Italian eatery. Saly G’s offers homemade family recipes that can be traced back for more than eighty years. Chef Gramaglia, is fueled by the power everyday to grow and transform this industry. He also believes in the importance of staying true to tradition while using the best ingredients.

Chef Gramaglia is known for his hospitable nature to his customers and greeting many by first name. Everyday he is elevating recipes he was raised on with a contemporary twist and personal touch. Saly G’s has blossomed into a New Jersey local legend. Much of the success is due to their customers who come back time and time again craving both the restaurant favorites and the chef’s newest creations.