Scott Cutaneo

Uproot Restaurant
Scott Cutaneo
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7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 4
Scott Cutaneo

Table 43 – Uproot – The Grand Tasting – Crystal Tavern Bar {View Map}

Dish – Duck Confit with mango pepper relish, grilled papaya, avocado, paprika cream sauce, crispy wonton

Chef Scott Cutaneo is a renowned culinary figure with a deep passion for French cuisine. Currently serving as the Owner/Chef at Uproot Restaurant located in Warren, NJ, Cutaneo’s culinary expertise is unmistakably influenced by his French heritage and training.  Cutaneo and the Uproot team are poised to make a lasting impact on the culinary world, inspiring diners and fellow chefs alike.

Despite Uproot not being classified as a “French” restaurant, Cutaneo’s French roots shine through in the dishes he creates. His menu features a fusion of eclectic, seasonal ingredients prepared using traditional French techniques, resulting in a unique and memorable dining experience for patrons.

Cutaneo’s culinary journey is marked by notable achievements and experiences. He has had the honor to be an invited guest chef for the I.O.C. and their dignitaries for six Olympic Games and enjoyed a decade-long tenure as a television chef host. Additionally, he has served as the proprietor of esteemed establishments such as the four-star Le Petit Chateau in Bernardsville for 15 years.

His culinary prowess has garnered recognition from esteemed publications and organizations. Cutaneo earned a prestigious four-star rating in Charles Dale’s “The Chefs’ Guide to America” and was one of the youngest chefs to cook at the James Beard House. In 1999, he was inducted into the American Academy of Hospitality & Science as one of the “Best 100 Chefs of the World.”

Cutaneo’s culinary journey began with classical training, having graduated from Boston University and honed his skills at esteemed establishments worldwide. He received training at the Hagere Hotel school of Maastrecht in the Netherlands. He has worked at the Four Seasons in Brussels, Restaurant Daniel in NY, and Michel Guerard’s, Les Pres de Eugenie in southern France which is the longest running 3 Star Michelin restaurant in the world.

Through his dedication to French cuisine and his commitment to excellence, Chef Scott Cutaneo continues to leave a lasting impression on the culinary world, delighting diners with his French-inspired creations and innovative approach to cooking.