Susan Julia {Artisan}

Susan Julia Olive Oil
Participating Events
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 4

Table 103 – Susan Julia Olive Oil – VIP Grand Tasting – Grand Rotunda {View Map}

Susan Julia, the owner of Susan Julia Olive Oil, is an olive oil sommelier and certified product specialist. She was born into a family with Italian and Eastern European roots, that placed great importance on gathering around the table for memorable meals, expressing both cultures, and created with ingredients from her family’s backyard organic farm.

With a design background, love of travel and passion for food, Susan Julia was drawn into the world of Italian artisan food production.  Skilled in recipe development, Susan loves walking into friends’ kitchens and whipping up meals using pantry items and local produce. She feels every pantry should be stocked with several quality extra virgin olive oils, one of the most essential and versatile ingredients for delicious, healthy, unforgettable meals.

After studying in Italy and NYC receiving certifications with ONAOO, Evooschool, Savantes, and Olive Oil Times, Susan founded Susan Julia Olive Oil, where she educates consumers about artisan quality extra virgin olive oil through private tasting events, in addition to working with restaurants, hospitality, nutritionists and wellness groups.