Todd Villani

Vesta Wood Fired
Participating Events
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 2

Every chef has a story. From a young age, Chef Todd Villani grew up in a kitchen alongside his grandmother who prepared 3-course meals every day for most of her adult life. Inspired by her passion for food, he began his culinary career waiting tables from coast to coast – from some of the finest steak houses to fish restaurants on the strip in Miami, accumulating along the way an appreciation for various cuisines, authentic ingredients, and techniques that truly define a culture. Chef already had a well-traveled palate before he traded his waiter’s apron for a chef’s hat and headed to Europe to apprentice at one of the world’s leading 5-star resorts.

Upon his return, he was hired at World Yacht, a subsidiary interest of acclaimed “Top Chef” Marcus Samuelssson. With a varied ethnic culinary style, Chef Villani evolved his repertoire, blending traditional French technique with the Scandinavian-inspired cuisine Samuelsson had become recognized for. Since then, Chef has refined his craft, blending simple fresh foods with expertly blended exotic flavors and ingredients – his signature approach to preparing foods with an international flair.