Andre Kaulesar

Participating Events
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Friday, May 4
6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday, May 5

Andre Kaulesar is an abstract oil painter based in Hoboken New Jersey. A native of Georgetown Guyana with Amazon roots, Kaulesar’s work is influenced by the rugged landscapes and rural forest area of his heritage.He excels in pushing the envelope combining unusual elements such as coffee grinds, beeswax, vibrant oil pigments, safflower oil, mica flakes, and resin which manipulate aerial photographs of wild landscapes giving his work a textural abstract effect, the colors vary across light setting from bright to muted giving the viewers different perspectives while subjects are bright and playful to the eyes and imagination. The end result is a vibrant colorful painting.

Kaulesar’s creativity extends to his culinary background as well. In fact, working under highly acclaimed chef Daniel Humm influenced him to pursue the visual artistry as a calling. His passion blossoming into a pursuit after Humm began collecting his work, he took the nod. He presently freelances as a chef for a game company in San Francisco while also painting full time.
His creations have found their way into many private collections in the US, Canada, and South America.
Kaulesar’s paintings are currently on display in Jacklyn Kling Art Gallery in Montclair NJ.