Katey Larwood

Katey Larwood
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Katey Larwood

As Goldeneye’s winemaker, Katey Larwood possesses a deep affinity for the wild, rustic beauty of the Anderson Valley that she strives to evoke in her wines. “In the vineyards and the winery, I rely upon my senses in search of that connection to the land, and that essential Anderson Valley-ness that is the essence of our wines,” says Katey. Working with the Anderson Valley’s most acclaimed estate Pinot Noir program (which includes almost 140 acres of vines and 16 distinctive clones) requires having a reverence for the character of the grapes. “Pinot is notoriously temperamental, which is why the greatest wines are so prized. At Goldeneye, we have more than two decades of experience growing and making Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. That intimate knowledge of the land defines the terroir-inspired character of our wines.”

Katey was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. While preparing to attend San Francisco State University to study journalism, she took a wine appreciation class that completely changed her plans. “It was life-altering. The person who taught the class was so passionate that he almost teared up talking about wine.” Katey immediately began volunteering at a winery in Santa Barbara, and later worked in the cellar at Brander Winery in Santa Ynez Valley where she discovered she loved the camaraderie of winemaking, the hands-on work, and the artistry required to make exceptional wine. She also began exploring the Anderson Valley. “I felt an immediate connection to the valley—the region, its wines, and its vibrant community of winegrowers and winemakers.”

After earning a degree in viticulture and enology from Cal Poly, Katey worked for Lynmar Estates, where she began refining her approach to cool-climate Pinot Noir. Following Lynmar, she spent the next several years gaining international experience in New Zealand, France, and Australia. “Working abroad gave me a sense for the rich history of wine, its cultural significance, and the shared language of winemaking. As a young winemaker, it was thrilling to discover these deeper connections.”

Returning to the U.S., Katey spent two years as a winemaker in New York’s Finger Lakes region before joining Goldeneye as assistant winemaker in 2016. Two years later, Katey was named Goldeneye’s winemaker. To make wines that are true to the Anderson Valley, Katey and her team ferment more than 200 small lots of Pinot Noir each vintage to make wines that balance depth and energy, with the sophistication of exceptional Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. “This region yields remarkably distinctive wines. They are lush and complex, with an almost rustic grace. My role is to convey what makes this region so special, while honoring the traditions that have made Goldeneye one of North America’s great Pinot Noir wineries.”