Team USA

The Grand Tasting on Saturday May 5th will feature renowned chefs and Team USA chefs for the Bocuse d’Or. This special event is the first time that all the Team USA chefs who have previously competed in past Bocuse d’Or competitions will be together and cooking. View Photo Gallery

The evening features:
Chefs Daniel Boulud (ment’or Chairman), Thomas Keller (ment’or President), Michelle Karr-Ueoka, (ment’or Culinary Council) Gavin Kaysen (Team USA 2007), Timothy Hollingsworth (Team USA 2009) James Kent (Team USA 2011), Richard Rosendale (Team USA 2013), Philip Tessier (2015 Bocuse d’Or Silver Medalist) and Mathew Peters (2016 Bocuse d’Or Gold Medalist).

Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Ment’or BKB Foundation who funds and trains Team USA.

Photos are courtesy “ment’or BKB”